Exhibit Planning

Custom Displays for Achieving Your Event Objectives

We understand that every event presents specific requirements, challenges and objectives. During the exhibit planning phase we take into account how you will utilize the booth space and listen to your expectations to assure we develop a correct concept that will present your products effectively and impactfully.

Exhibit Planning

“Form follows function”- Frank Lloyd Wright

The first step in creating a successful exhibit is defining how the booth will be used, both by exhibiting staff and customers. We’ll work with you and explore layout options, and then refine until we achieve an ideal traffic flow.

“Simplicity is beauty.” – Mies van der Rohe

With seconds to capture the interest of prospects, your display will have to make an impact. Our graphic designers understand what it takes to make your message pop.

“Good design doesn’t itch.” – Gilda Radnor

Your exhibit must be comfortable for your staff and guests.

Messaging: Our design team will help you prioritize your messaging to ensure that your exhibit reflects the right data and delivery for your audience.

Technology Incorporation: We offer extensive high-tech options that can be integrated into your custom exhibit design. For example, touch screens, presentation areas, and other technology for an interactive experience.

Lighting: Lighting plays an important role in the both the functionality and personality of your exhibit. A customized combination of soft overheads and directly focused LEDs can create a visually dramatic impact, or a soothing space.

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