Exhibit Management

Full-service Exhibition Management Services

We manage every aspect of your show. Exhibit Exchange offers a full range of exhibition management and trade show logistics services. No matter where your show is — Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando, Toronto or anywhere else in North America, we’ll install, maintain, dismantle and ship your exhibit on time, every time.

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Exhibition Management services include:

Asset Management:Real-time inventories of exhibit materials, fulfillment of orders and confirmations.

Show Services Management: We’ll manage your trade show paperwork and deadlines; we can even pre-pay your trade show services bills so you receive a single invoice for each trade show.

Timely Service: We make sure that your booth is installed, dismantled, repacked and shipped on time.

Skilled Personnel: We use only skilled I & D teams to ensure your exhibit is handled properly—thereby minimizing potential damage and extending the service life of your exhibit.

Proper Scheduling: I & D teams are scheduled appropriately to avoid downtime and overtime charges.

24-Hour Hotline Service: Round-the-clock service support available.

North American Transportation Coordination: Need one booth in Las Vegas and another in Toronto? We can manage all of your shipping needs.

Pre-Show Evaluation and Maintenance: Reduce your anxiety and arrive at your show with fewer surprises. Whether it’s large or small, our teams will stage your exhibit in full prior to shipping it to the show.

On-Site Supervision: We provide the height of attention to make your show a success. Contract one of our personnel to guide the entire exhibit construction process. Our International Event Coordinator understands the special needs of international clients exhibiting in North America.

Post-Show Maintenance: Never arrive at a trade show with a faulty exhibit again! Before your exhibit goes back into storage, Exhibit Exchange can provide complete exhibit inspections and repair services.