Exhibit Design

Our Custom Exhibit Solutions will Optimize your Trade Show Presence

Following our four stage exhibit design process, Exhibit Exchange designers will create a custom exhibit design that will increase your visibility and maximize your trade show investment.

Our design team provides on-going support from concept to production and is actively involved in assuring your display is a success.

 Discover your needs by outlining your goals and parameters.

Explore what you’ve already done and compare it to current industry trends.

Design the methods to communicate your brand’s message.

Accomplish your chosen marketing directives.

Contact us to discuss your design objectives

Exhibit Exchange component-based displays ship lighter, set-up faster and anticipate your changing needs.

Exhibit design particulars include:

Modular Design:

Utilizing a modular system gives us a design advantage. It’s versatile and lends itself to endless combinations, which gives us the creative room we need to construct something new and exciting every, single time. Modular components are easy to assemble, dissemble, store and ship. Every exhibit is lightweight and modern.

Exhibit Graphics Placement:

With seconds to capture the interest of prospects, your display will have to make an impact. Our graphic designers understand what it takes, and use this knowledge to make your message pop.

Properties Incorporation:

We make furniture, fixtures, lighting, audio and visual high-tech choices work for you by incorporating them into your display intelligently and with purpose. We offer touch screens and specialized presentation areas, and lighting that ranges from soft overheads to focused LEDs for an interactive experience.